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Normal Deviant:

[ ] You post deviants every few weeks (I'm lucky if I even have one image up for every month haha)
[x] You have more than 50 watchers
[x] You've been on Deviantart for longer than a year
[x] You have friends from Deviantart
[x] You have drawn Fanart
[x] You've improved a lot since you've joined. 
[/] You've never had more than one account for being banned (I've never been banned? Am I supposed to check or uncheck this??)
[x] You check DA daily

Score: 7.5 (??)


[ ] You make normal words sound really cute 
[ ] You draw a lot of animals and anything cute
[x] You'd rather draw cartoons than Anime. (Too bad I can't haha oops)
[/] Furries freak you out  (I dislike them, but they don't necessarily freak me out)        
[x] You use a lot of emoticons
[ ] Your favorite DA emote is  :3
[ ] Most of the animals you draw are multi-colored
[x] You use faces like >w< and 0w0 a lot

Score: 3.5


[ ] You have a fursona
[ ] Your fursona is a lot like you in many ways 
[ ] You love being called a furry 
[ ] You are proud to be a furry 
[x] You understand the term yiff  
[ ] You would consider your fursona yiffy 
[ ] You are in the furry fandom. 
[ ] Your fursona has a "mate" 

Score: 1


[x] You have been on DA for longer than 4 years (Closer to 6 years actually, though not on this account)
[x] You knew how the old layout was
[x] Some of your favorite artist no longer use DA 
[ ] You're older than 20
[ ] You take DA really seriously
[ ] You are popular (hahaha no)
[ ] You have drawn more than 2,000 pictures 
[x] Your art style has changed a lot since you have joined 

Score: 4


[x] You are a Beta Tester 
[ ] You use Sai (Since when was SAI "pro" lmao)
[ ] You are a pro at shading 
[ ] Drawing hair or fur is no big deal to you 
[x] You own a tablet 
[x] takes you longer than 1 hour to draw a drawing 
[/] Drawing is one of your favorite hobbies
[/] You love to draw

Score: 4

DA Famous:

[x] You have more than 500 watchers
[x] You have gotten more then 10 pieces of fan art
[x] You have more than 15,000 page views 
[ ] You get more than 10 comments on all of your art
[ ] People consider you an Inspiration (I don't know, you tell me???)
[ ] Fans are always wanting to be your friend 
[x] People have told you that you are their idol 
[ ] You get commissions A LOT  

Score: 4

Under aged:

[ ] You use MS paint to draw
[ ] You mostly use shapes in MS paint instead of actually drawing 
[ ] You're younger than 10 
[ ] You use faces like " (Smile) (Smile)" and " (Sad) (Sad)"
[x] You have a lot of people on your block list (I actually do, from my early days)
[ ] You use a lot of bases 
[ ] You don't know what Guide-lines are 
[/] You change words a lot because you don't know how to spell them (English isn't my native language, fucking sue me)

Score: 1.5

DA Addict:

[ ] You post pictures daily
[ ] You are always checking your friends list to see who you could talk to
[/] You have more than 1,000 favorites (idk, maybe?)
[x] You check DA daily
[ ] DA is your favorite site 
[ ] You're on everyone's visitor list 
[ ] You read the terms for fun
[x] You sometimes write journals 
Score: 2.5


[ ] Your OC/Fursona is a wolf 
[ ] Most of your pictures are based off of music 
[ ] You love to draw people kissing
[ ] You're an expert at wolf anatomy 
[ ] You love techno music    
[ ] You love creepy pasta 
[ ] You want to marry slender man 
[ ] You refer to him as "Slendy" 

Score: 0



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